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Scroll down to see the list of men who have pledged their support!

VMW is thrilled to announce the 100 Brothers Who Care Campaign, as we sincerely the value positive representations of Muslims and also love new ways to empower our Muslim community from within. We have found that over and over again, women and girls with have men in their lives that support them are much more likely to become confident leaders. In addition, when Muslim men publicly show their support for girls and women, it inspires other young men to do the same, especially for those who have not had compassionate male leadership role modelled to them. The 100 Brothers Who Care Campaign highlights the importance of having our fathers, brothers, uncles, and friends support the empower us to "live big and lead now." 


Participating in this campaign consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Pledge $25 to our Launch Good Campaign 

  2. Post a high-quality photo of what you define as positive representation of Muslim men with the women in their lives on social media (Instagram or Facebook). This can be father-daughter, son-mother, grandfather-granddaughters, etc. Be sure to use the hashtag #100brotherswhocare and tag @voicesofmuslimwomenfoundation

  3. Let us know if you would like us to only use this photo for the campaign, or if we can add it to our portfolio for other VMW marketing purposes. 

If you have any questions about our campaign, please contact us at


P.S.: Want to participate but need some photos? Message us for a list of photographers near you who will give you a VMW 100 Brothers Who Care discount! 

*** Pledges in memory of loved ones

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