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VMW Scholarships/Awards

See our 2023 recipients below!

The Voices of Muslim Women Scholarships are awarded to eligible individuals across British Columbia. Thanks to our donors, this year we will be able to distribute three $500 Scholarships. 

To be eligible to apply, all applicants must meet the following criteria:


  1. Accepted or enrolled in a public post-secondary institution that is a DLI (Designated Learning Institution); (does not need to be in BC)

  2. Enrolled in a 2-year diploma granting program at minimum

  3. Provide the listed documents:

    • Online Application Form (Google Form);

    • Letter of Recommendation - from community or educational institution that they belong to for at least 1 year or has worked under a community leader for at least one year; and

    • Resume


  1. VMW Board Members, Executives, and Committee Members;

  2. Not eligible to enroll in a public DLI Canadian Post-Secondary education institutions;

  3. Enrolled in an English preparatory program or English as a second language program

VMW Global Scholar Scholarship

2023 Scholarship IG Post.png

An annual scholarship awarded to those in serious financial need.

Kamrul Suleman Bhamji Memorial Scholarship


This scholarship is provided by Mohamed & Aisha Amijee as an annual scholarship awarded to those studying social justice, educational studies, women’s empowerment, Islamic studies, religious/cultural studies

VMW Young Leaders Award


This is a new scholarship provided to candidates that have shown leadership and compassion though community service

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