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VMW Scholarships/Awards

The Voices of Muslim Women Scholarships are awarded to eligible individuals across British Columbia. Thanks to our donors, this year we will be able to distribute three $500 Scholarships. 

To be eligible to apply, all applicants must meet the following criteria:


  1. Accepted or enrolled in a public post-secondary institution that is a DLI (Designated Learning Institution); (does not need to be in BC)

  2. Enrolled in a 2-year diploma granting program at minimum

  3. Provide the listed documents:

    • Online Application Form (Google Form);

    • Letter of Recommendation - from community or educational institution that they belong to for at least 1 year or has worked under a community leader for at least one year; and

    • Resume


  1. VMW Board Members, Executives, and Committee Members;

  2. Not eligible to enroll in a public DLI Canadian Post-Secondary education institutions;

  3. Enrolled in an English preparatory program or English as a second language program

VMW Global Scholar Scholarship

An annual scholarship awarded to those in serious financial need.

Kamrul Suleman Bhamji Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Mohamed & Aisha Amijee as an annual scholarship awarded to those studying social justice, educational studies, women’s empowerment, Islamic studies, religious/cultural studies

VMW Young Leaders Award

This is a new scholarship provided to candidates that have shown leadership and compassion though community service

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