Sumaiya Tufail

Sumaiya Tufail

Sumaiya is a writer, poet, social activist, author, founder of Diasporas Co., director of Saa Events and former Founder of Rise Above Hope Organization based in Kenya. She was born in Toronto, Ontario but raised in Surrey, British Columbia Canada by a first generation immigrant family. She has been working in the non-profit sector since the age of 17 and has self-made her career. She also has a background in Islamic Studies with an Associates Degree in Usul-U-Deen from Madina Institute USA and certificate in Arabic Studies from The Open University of Sudan.

Her passion and mission in life is rooted in her faith-Islam-which teaches her to serve humanity, stand up for justice and be a role-model on this Earth for good. Her mission started at the age of 16 inspired by her teacher Ms.Foster who introduced philanthropy and spoken word poetry to her. This belief in an insecure and private young girl brought out the fire that was hiding within her. However, that fire went out for a few years until the age of 20 when she decided to practice Islam more seriously and study it at Madina Institute Georgia for one year under Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya Ninowy. That year gave her deeper knowledge about her faith and self and inspired her to start writing poetry again. That’s when she started posting her poems on Instagram in 2015 which led to her returning back into her community and performing at different community events and recording videos of herself. In 2018 she decided to further pursue her Islamic studies and lived in Khartoum, Sudan for one year where she self-published her first book “Sumi Speaks” on Amazon. Today she is known as an outspoken speaker and writer in her community bringing up taboo issues such as sexism, mental health, religion and identity. Her vision is to connect and empower others to live their most authentic lives and become their best selves. She recently opened a social enterprise streetwear line in North America called "Diasporas Co." that empowers the diasporas community to be proud of their identity and give back to the impoverished.

She is currently working for Farheen Khan & Associates who is the founder of the first Women's Mosque of Canada and a student pursuing a career in Human Rights Law.

Industry: Social Activism

City: Surrey

Country: Canada

Company: Diasporas Co.

Company Website:

Instagram: @sumaiyatufail