Sarah Barzak

Sarah Barzak

Born in Milwaukee, USA, raised in London Ontario, Sarah is an eldest immigrant daughter of Malay-Palestinian descent. Her lived experienced a mixed-race diasporic woman foster her passion for cross-cultural exchange and intersectional solidarity building through storytelling. Her mid-twenties accomplishments include: founding an equity advocacy group in 2017, managing a municipal campaign in 2018, and producing a web series in 2019. Sarah now resides in Toronto and is a member of the Toronto ReelAsian International Film Festival community. Sarah and her beloved team members, Noor and Raghad, founded London School of Racialized Leaders in response to the Islamophobic tragedy in London, Ontario on June 2021.

Industry: Equity Education

City: Toronto

Country: Canada

Company: Racialized Leaders


Instagram: @sarah.barzak