Nikhat Qureshi

Nikhat Qureshi

Nikhat was born and raised in Pakistan, before she moved to North America in 2003. She has a Bachelor's of Arts Degree with L.L.B and a post-graduate certificate in Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management. While being a trained mediator focused on cultural diversity, Nikhat is also a skilled coach in expressive arts combining the Connection Practice training in Social Emotional Learning. She is an award-winning visual artist and calligrapher. With a passion for arts and philanthropy, Nikhat volunteers her time with her artistic talent and legal education in several capacities. She has served as the Program Director of the Islamic Art Revival Series in Dallas, Texas, whose dual mission is to bring awareness and exposure to Islamic Art to North America. She worked as a Volunteer Advocate for abused children in foster care with Dallas CASA and continues supporting the betterment of vulnerable communities. Nikhat is the founder of the Islamic Art of British Columbia. Moving back to Canada in 2016, she has conducted several art and calligraphy workshops for people of all ages to experience the art of the Islamic World first hand. She has collaborated with city libraries, art galleries, community centers, and organizations to build bridges of understanding through art. Nikhat is also a fashion and lifestyle enthusiast who loves traveling.

Industry: Art

City: Richmond

Country: Canada

Company: Islamic Art of British Columbia


Instagram: @nikhat_iq