9 Things You Need to Know About VMW Member Arazoo Sharifzada



1 Numbers are her game!

Arazoo works as a Strata Accountant; her job involves working with numbers. When asked what she enjoys about her work she states that she “likes preparing monthly reports working on a budget and evaluating property's cashflow.”

2 She is interested in the inner workings of non-profits like Voices of Muslim Women

What drew Arazoo to Voices of Muslim Women is how she always wanted to give back to the community through volunteering and being part of an organization. “[She is] very keen to understand how non-profit organizations perform their accounting.”

3 Networking amongst other Muslim women is important to her

Being a business professional Arazoo “think[‘s that] in today's professional world it is important to network. It is even better when [she] get[s] to meet and know of successful Muslim women.”

4 Being a Muslim woman made her believe that nothing is impossible!

Arazoo believes that “[g]rowing up in a Muslim household involves responsibilities. At times it is hard to handle both. But I have a strong faith, I think if an individual is a practicing Muslim then nothing is impossible in life.”

5 Her mom is her role model

When discussing who was Arazoo’s role model growing up she beautifully states how it is “[her] mother, she passed away when I was five years old. Although I don't have many memories of her, but as much as I knew her, she was amazing. I have always wanted to be like her and follow her dreams.”

6 She doesn’t consider herself a role model

Being an empowered Muslim woman Arazoo has taken on the honour of being a role model to this generation’s youth and “[a]lthough [she] do[es]n't consider [her]self as a role model yet. It felt great, being able to inspire someone and teach them to believe in their dreams. “

7 The people she surrounds herself with are her strength

The people who empowered Arazoo to be where she is today is her “[f]amily and friends”, to be more specific her connections to her Aunt and her Grandparents has let her grown into the woman that she is today.

8 She believes in chasing your truest dreams

When asked what advice she would give to young Muslim women, Arazoo responded that her “advice to young Muslim women would be, chase after your dreams. Work towards your achievements, it is never late. Remember nothing is impossible in life. It just requires effort, patience and courage.”

9 Voices of Muslim Women empowers her

Arazoo says that being part of Voices of Muslim Women “empowers [her] knowing that Muslim women are capable of achieving their dreams and being independent.”

Rapid Fire Questions:

5 Women you have met through VMW:

Aisha Amijee, Shahin Khan, Dalia Al-Ahmad, Rawan Ramini, Zariya Khan

4 Items in your purse:

My mother's photo, my credit card, a mirror and, tissues

3 Words which sum up what VMW means to you:

Independence, Inspiration and Success

2 Words your friends use to describe you:

Funny and caring.

1 Woman who has empowered you:

My Aunt, she is the resemblance of my mother. I truly couldn't have imagined my life without her.


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