VMW Ringleaders Conference 2019


1. “Cater to your company not to the person” – Shaina Azad

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make, is to allow their personal and business obligations to conflict. Shaina has great experience with this. When her husband became interested in contributing to the business, she told him to send in his resumé. Shaina warns, “don’t create a position for someone”. It usually always turns out bad There’s nothing wrong with having friends and family involved in the business, but make sure it’s based on actual merit and that their role in your company matches their skill set.

Key: Even husbands need resumés.

2. “Plan your life first before you plan your business.” – Karina Hayat

Each December, Karina and her husband take one week to plan out their entire year. They start with their kid’s school year, then their important business meetings, and then slot in the rest. This helps them prioritize and to always know their schedule. Waking up earlier also allows them to become more efficient with their time. Managing your time better has the added benefit of making you better in all your roles: as a mother, in business, etc. But it’s also important to say yes to help. We tend to think that we need to do everything ourselves, but that’s simply not true. Ask for help and receive it.

Key: Plan before jumping in.

3. “Lean into your strengths” – Deborah Richardson

Instead of focusing on all the different things that we can improve, focus on what you already have. Figure out what your strengths are and lean into those. Consider your ability to impact others based on the value you can contribute and what spaces we can express those strengths in. Ask yourself, “do I get to be myself?” If the answer is no, reflect on whether that environment is helpful for your growth. It may be time to move on.

Key: Use your strengths to your advantage.

4. “Learn to fail successfully.” – Karina Hayat

A key factor in having a growth mindset is being able to learn from our missteps. We need to reflect on the problem and recognize what we can learn from the experience to lead us to success. You have to fail before you can learn to succeed. Your “purpose” is always going to welcome creation; everything you create is good. So from any mistake, you need to take what you created that was positive. Even if you don’t attain your goal, appreciate and celebrate yourself for trying. It’s about you loving yourself despite that failure.

Key: Success requires failure.

5. “Don’t “dabble” in things. Fully commit to your goal or dream.” – Aliza Vellani

There is a common practice of minimizing our commitment to goals or dreams that involve more artistic or “non-traditional” careers. Commit to what you’re passionate about and act head on to take steps to achieve those goals. Not all careers bring a steady income, there may be ebbs and flows, and it’s fine to supplement your income. But that doesn’t mean that while you take on other capacities you don’t fully commit to your ultimate goal. There may be some years that you don’t earn a full salary. Don’t take it personal, just make sure you have other passions that can supplement your income.

Key: language matters.

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