A Day Tour of San Francisco

Tony Bennett’s song, “I left my heart in San Francisco”, speaks to my soul when it comes to my love for the city. Ever since I first visited San Francisco in 2007, shortly after moving to the U.S., I have had an admiration, appreciation, and a special place for this foggy city in my heart. Every little nook and cranny of San Francisco is different and diverse. There is a long list of my favorites in the city, but if I had to show you around the city in one day, here’s what I would recommend.

First of all - Cable Cars - San Francisco is a relatively small city, and surprisingly very hilly as well. Get ready to walk up and down some steep hills. However, if you are getting around from one major spot to another, you can hop on a cable car and get the most out of your touristy experience.

Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf is one of my favorite spots—you get a gorgeous view of the San Francisco Bay. There are street entertainers, gift shops, ocean view restaurants, and even sea lions just chilling by the water. If you go to the edge of the west side of the pier you can get an excellent look at them making their unique barking noises and sometimes splashing about the water.

Next stop - Golden Gate Bridge - You cannot come to San Francisco and miss out on the Golden Gate Bridge! You can walk across the bridge, ride a bike, hop on a tour bus, or if you have a car then simply drive across the bridge to save yourself from the intense wind and cold. Keep in mind: when walking or biking across the bridge it’s four miles from one end to the other and back. If you’re short on time, just walk to the first tower and back.

Third stop on our list - The Curves of San Francisco’s Lombard Street - Lombard Street is famous for being the curviest street in the world. It’s a fun drive downhill and a cute photo op as well.

Last but not least – The Painted Ladies of San Francisco -The Painted Ladies refers to a row of colorful Victorian houses across from Alamo Square. You can stop here earlier in the day to get a good photo without the crowd or stop by during sunset to watch the golden sunlight cast on the painted ladies and the city behind it. It looks beautiful! The Painted Ladies have a lotof history. Here are some fun facts to know: the Painted Ladies were constructed between 1892 and 1896, which means that these houses survived the 1906 earthquake. Also, the Painted Ladies are in the opening credits of Full House where the family is having a picnic in Alamo Square. You can’t get more San Francisco than Full House!

Here’s my one-day tour of San Francisco for you. I hope you enjoy it! If you’re ever in my city please let me know because I love watching people explore and fall in love with San Francisco just as much as I do!

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