Tips for Writing Exams During Ramadan

Ramadan during exam time can seem daunting. Most us wonder how we can make this time go smoother during our exams. Many people might even stress more because of this. Fear not; here are two tips that may be able to help you have an easier time writing exams during Ramadan!

The number one tip I have is stay hydrated. Hydration prevents headaches, bladder issues and much more which could affect your exams. Now I know this may seem hard, being as we only have a short time period where we are allowed to drink, but here is a simple way to drink almost a litre and half of water. Keep a 500ml bottle next to you from the moment you break your fast. Your goal is to finish that by the time you finish eating and it may seem like a lot, but I promise if this is all you drink, it will finish easily. Once finished the first bottle, refill but add vitamin C powder to it to add electrolytes, which further hydrates you. The last tip to help stay hydrated is to fill the bottle again and drink all of it, or more, during suhoor.

My second tip stems from something I do when I'm not fasting; this is a study tip I altered to fit with my fasting. Usually while I study I chew gum, and when I take the exam I chew the same flavour so my memory helps retain as much information as I can. Now, for obvious reasons, I can't do this. So, here's what you do. Get a scent and wear it during studying then put it on again during exam. This can be a Vicks nose inhaler, perfume or, my favourite option: a rollerball study blend of essential oils to rub on your wrists. This is a simple technique that really helps during exams.

I hope these tips help you during this exam season during Ramadan. So, remember, stay hydrated and help retain more information through smelling.

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