Role Models

The people we look up to can change us as a person. Whether we adjust our clothing to be like theirs, maybe attempt to listen to the same kind of music as them, or even starting to copy their mannerisms. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but since the power of influence is so important to us youth we must make sure our influences are respectable and have good morals that can make us want to be better people. Since we live in a time with so many socialites, actors, and singers here are a few that are trying to use their powers as a celebrity to change our world for the best.

ABC’s hit comedy show Blackish stars Yara Shahidi who portrays the beautiful oldest daughter of Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson, Yara Shahidi got her claim to fame on the series. Yara Shahidi is an important figure to young people being as she was invited into one of Americas most prestigious universities, thriving in her career, getting her own spin-off, which can be very difficult being a black women of Iranian and Choctaw descent, and she has done this all being only 17. I aspire to be like her not only because of the reasons listed but because of her love to help the world rid of its injustices as seen on her Instagram. Whether it being calling out Trump in a passionate letter of how her parents would’ve never met had the ban been in affect 39 years ago or just posting a picture of how we can help spread awareness of movements like black lives matter. Yara is using her platform of being a celebrity to call attention to things that could be swept under the rug, which is everything this generation needs to do but we need strong leaders like her to lead us to a better more peaceful world.

I was 14 years old when I started to realize problems in our and seeing the world in a different light. A person who made me realize this and has got me wanting to change our society is Rowan Blanchard from Disney Channels Girl Meets World. Rowan is always instagraming stories about issues like the Muslim ban, the DAPL, or the ban on transgender people in the army in America, one thing she always does is always making sure people are informed and always correcting people on their privilege. She just turned 16 years old and has been dedicating her time since she was 14 to try and educate people on feminism using her social media platforms and she has been successful sparking many young girl’s interests in the equal rights movement. Her next project is the movie A Wrinkle in Time which was written by a woman in the 60’s and the main hero in it is a girl who isn’t defined by her beauty but by her brain as she is very advanced in calculus it is also defined by her heart and how her love of her father can save the universe. Now Rowan isn’t the star of this movie but her involvement shows her dedication in showing young girls that STEM subjects are for girls and that you might even be able save the world with intelligence. I think she is an inspiration to all girls that it is never too early to try and save the world and educate yourself to make a difference

Now Mark Ruffalo is a person whose career is mostly defined by cheesy romances and getting so angry he turns green. He is an acclaimed actor for his work in the movies Shutter Island, 13 going on 30 and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Avengers as Dr. Bruce Banner AKA the Hulk and many more. The reason he is a role model to me is that he always keeps educating himself on issues; most recently he has been tweeting about the affect of catcalling in society and how he has grown from thinking that girls should be flattered and should take it as a compliment to learning it is wrong and trying to get the society to start calling people out on their internalized sexism. He is also one of the men in charge of organizing the protest at trump tower after the hate killing of Heather Heyer at the Charlottesville rallies. I think the reason I love him and get so inspired from him even though he is someone I can not relate to through age, gender or race I can appreciate that he is a superhero on screen that I adore but as great as he is at smashing buildings and punching bad guys he is an even greater hero off of the silver screen because when he could just keep his mouth shut about these issues of the world he says it as is and tweets how he does benefit from the system but that it is not right and he will try everything in his power to try and abolish the systematic oppression in place.

The story of Malala is a universal one that everyone knows. At 14 years old she was shot in the head by the Taliban for being a girl attending school. She is a role model to me because of her courage, even after being shot she didn’t stop fighting for education she said the reason is because she had already lived her worst fear of being shot so why should that stop her, she is more scared of women not getting an education than dying for what she believes. Ever since she has been shot Malala has gone on to continue fighting for education earning her the title of the youngest noble peace prize winner at age 17. Her determination inspires me everyday to fight hard for what I believe in so much, that even if I die in the process I’ll be making a difference in the world moving it towards change.

Classic actresses inspire everything now a day from hairstyles, to fashion, to makeup, Audrey Hepburn is one of the most known classic actress because of her iconic roles as Holly Golightly, Sabrina Fairchild, and Eliza Doolittle. What most people don’t know about her is that before her acting career she was apart of the Dutch resistance in World War 2. Audrey Hepburn was English speaking but when Hitler invaded her home Holland in 1940 her mother changed her name to Edda van Heemstra and taught her how to speak Dutch so she was not attacked for being English. Using ballet as her cover to transport messages to and from resistance workers, she risked her life to save the resistance workers lives which helped them fight more effectively against Hitler in the war. She did this at the age of 15 while her father had left her and her mother to join the Nazi party. Even after the war, and after her career she had worked to better the lives of others with becoming a UNICEF ambassador she would go to countries like Ethiopia to help with the famine or Turkey for the polio vaccine project and many others to help places in need. Her beauty is what is remembered worldly but to me it is her heart, how even though her father was a fascist she fought against it because it was the right thing to do. Just like Malala I look up to Audrey Hepburn to fight for my beliefs even if it goes against a member of family or will endanger my life.

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