Our Team

We love what we do, we aim high and work tirelessly to achieve those goals. We aspire for excellence in all that we do. We know that when we work hard and do our best work, we're raising the bar and opening new doors for our communities. Please meet our inspiring team and feel free to apply to any of the open jobs if you meet the qualifications and are absolutely obsessed with us and our mission to connect, celebrate, empower and inspire Muslim women around the globe. 

Our Board of Directors

Aisha Amijee
Ayesha Ali
Dania Al-Alusi
Arazoo Sharifzada

Our Scholarship Committee

Sameera Ismail
Seynabou Diack
Dania Al-Alusi

Our Executive Team

Aisha Amijee - Executive Director
Mashal Butt - Senior Journalist
Maleekah ArRahiman - Social Media Content Creator & Blogger