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Meet our Founder, Aisha Azba Amijee!

In 2017, I started teaching a small university community course for Muslim girls and women. After years of thinking that someone else was going to fix the false representations of Muslim women as oppressed, backwards and uneducated, I had a pivotal moment that changed the course of my life. I saw my five year old daughter's face as we ate Filet-o-Fish burgers at our neighbourhood McDonalds, and we were sandwiched in between two groups of high school students bashing Muslim girls. This moment, coupled with that fact that I had a Master's Degree in Justice, Law & Ethics in Education: Curriculum and Instruction; and had been hearing the countless stories of Islamophobia from my high school and university students empowered me to be the change I wished to see in the world. I created a digital storytelling and community building course called Voices of Muslim Women in 2017, which evolved into a registered non profit; and now in 2021 is a global virtual sisterhood with a mission to connect, inspire, empower and celebrate Muslim women around the world. My hope is that it will create spaces that meets the needs of young Muslim women and girls, like my daughter, and will be the catalyst to change the representations and connotations of 'Muslim women' to be empowered, confident and diverse industry leaders. My dream is for young Muslim women and girls to be proud of their Muslim identity and to use their authentic Muslim narratives and complex identities as a powerful source of positivity for themselves to live big and lead now. 

We are a league of extraordinary self-identifying females who value rich conversations and great company with inspiring and powerful individuals. We appreciate intellect, ambition, beauty, adventure, passion and the art of lifelong learning. We champion leadership and mentorship and fiercely believe in kindness, inclusion, and social justice. We're dedicated to giving back to our community and we don't shy away from uncomfortable moments in order to empower our voices from the centres of our communities - authentically as we are. We showcase our diversity and we unite because we are self-aware of the magnitude of our greatness- individually and collectively. We invest in our girls and women and communities, leading by example as we live big and lead now.
We're not everyone's cup of tea. However, if we are yours, then please do join us.

P.S.: if you're interested to learn more about me, you can my find my profile here!

In Sisterhood,
Aisha Azba Amijee
Founder & Executive Director 

Our Founder