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We are a league of extraordinary self-identifying females who value rich conversations and great company with inspiring and powerful individuals. We appreciate intellect, ambition, beauty, adventure, passion and the art of lifelong learning. We champion leadership and mentorship and fiercely believe in kindness, inclusion, and social justice. We're dedicated to giving back to our community and we don't shy away from uncomfortable moments in order to empower our voices from the centres of our communities - authentically as we are. We showcase our diversity and we unite because we are self-aware of the magnitude of our greatness- individually and collectively. We invest in our girls and women and communities, leading by example as we live big and lead now.

Membership Tiers

We offer three memberships Tiers, Young Leader, Professional and Executive. Click on the Membership Plans page (Under Join) to see all of the plans and to become a member. Please note that the YOUNG LEADERS TIER is available to girls and women aged 10 - 24. Young Leaders will receive a welcome package, members may upgrade to the next tier to receive a welcome box. Please email us at for further information about Sponsored Young Leader Memberships. ​

Q: Which courses and workshops are included in my membership?

All of them. Unlimited access; however, they are released on a monthly schedule (please see below). They are offered online and asynchronously allowing 24/7 access to members around the world.

Q: What is the difference between executive and professional membership tiers?

Executive membership tier is for women who can afford to give back to their communities by purchasing a $25 young leader membership for a younger sister just beginning her journey. In addition you are invited to an annual executive tea luncheon to connect with like-minded leaders as a thank you from VMW for living big and leading now.


Q: How can I access sponsored young scholar memberships?

Just send us a quick email at and we'll be in touch!

Q: How do I become a member? Please visit our website, click on the Membership page (Under JOIN) and complete the membership form.


2021 Workshop & Course Schedule

February 2021

Resume Workshop - How to create a resume using Canva

Mental Health Workshop - How to be mentally fit while working during COVID

Virtual Networking Fair for NEW MEMBERS- Log on and meet NEW VMW MEMBERS


March 2021

Cover Letter - How to customize a cover letter based on a job application

Virtual Networking Fair for Entrepreneurs - Log on and meet Muslim Women Entrepreneurs and CEOs

Healthy Habits Workshop - The art of healthy habits for the working woman


April 2021

Virtual Job Interviews - How to prepare for a Virtual Job Interview

Physical Health Workshop - How to be physically fit while working during COVID


May 2021

Virtual Networking Fair for Lawyers - Log on and meet Muslim Women Lawyers and legal professionals

Muslim Women Leadership Training for Women in Community, Cultural and Religious Organizations


June 2021

Virtual Networking Fair for Professors - Log on and meet Muslim Women Educators and Professors

Professional Head shot Workshop - How to hire the right photographer and what to wear for your next shoot

Annual EXECUTIVE TEA LUNCHEON * For Executive Members- By Invitation Only.


July 2021

Mompreneur Workshop - How to do less and still have it all with multiple children

Dress to Impress - How to use style to boost your confidence in the board room (modestly or not)

Virtual Networking Fair for ARTISTS- Log on and meet Muslim Women ARTISTS


August 2021

Virtual Networking Fair for Nurses - Log on and meet Muslim Women Healthcare and Nursing Professionals

Own Your Positionality Workshop - Learn the basics of privilege, positionality and social justice


September 2021

Virtual Networking Fair for Doctors- Log on and meet Muslim Women Doctors and Physicians

Community Building Workshop- How to build resilient communities


October 2021

Virtual Networking Fair for Influencers and Bloggers - Log on and meet Muslim Women Influencers and Bloggers

Virtual Networking Fair for social workers- Log on and meet Muslim Women social workers

Goal Setting workshop - plan your personal and professional future with goal setting


November 2021

Women's Leadership Course - 1 month course focused on women's leadership

Virtual Networking Fair for politicians - Log on and meet Muslim Women politicians & Community leaders


December 2021

Young Leaders's leadership Course - 3 week course designed to help young leaders find their community and calling

Virtual Networking Fair for STEM - Log on and meet Muslim Women in SCIENce, technology, engineering and Mathematics

*VMW reserves the right to cancel, alter, and/or add new courses, events and workshop without notice.