Virtual Events Coming Up:

June 3, 2021 - Global Indigenous Solidarity & Human Rights Working Committee (First Meeting)

Are you looking to join a group of women who want to make long-term Global Indigenous Solidarity and Human Rights action plans for awareness and education in BC? It's difficult to practice 'business as usual' if you're human right now. This year thanks to social media, we have learned of the many many current human rights atrocities that are happening around us. We are focused on leadership and professional development but also at our last Board meeting, we had a chance to collectively decide that we are committed to creating critical and just leaders for a better tomorrow. If your heart has been as heavy as our, and you are looking for a group of Muslim women in BC (or even globally) to create dialogue and long term actions plans to create awareness and education, please join our first meeting of our Global Indigenous Solidarity and Human Rights Working Committee. It is a member only meeting, so if you're interested in joining this and are not a member please sign up or contact us for a free sponsored membership.

  • Zoom Meeting/RSVP on Eventbrite -RSVP Here: (
  • Open to all VMW Members only 
  • Thursday, June 3rd 7pm - 8pm PST

May 19, 2021 - Let's Talk #FreePalestine VMW Roundtable

Join a global conversation with VMW members & friends to share, discuss, listen and learn about what is going on in Palestine, updates and what we can do on the ground locally. 

  • VMW #FreePalestine Roundtable
  • Open to all VMW Members and their friends (share away!)
  • Wednesday, May 19th 7pm - 9pm 
Hey friends! We have more people than we anticipated joining tonight at 7pm for the Let's Talk #FreePalestine event. For everyone's safety, please ensure that when you log on tonight:
1. You change your Zoom User name to [YOUR NAME - VMW Member Name] your name - the name of a VMW Member that you know and will vouch for you. If you know me, than put [John Smith - Aisha Amijee] so that we will know to admit you and that you are not a troll.
2. Your video cam is on and it is clear who is attending.
If you are a VMW member, you will automatically be admitted. If I know you (and of course vouch for you), you will be automatically admitted. For a full list of our official members, please see who you know and can ask to vouch for you to be apart of this. Vancouver is small, so I'm sure you'll know at least one of the women on the list. Also, we are open to new members, so feel free to join us officially and support us if we are your cup of tea.
I know we're all excited to listen and learn from our Palestinian sisters in Vancouver. We must also ensure their safety online.
Peace XO
Find our members here or sign up:

*Round table is a form of academic discussion. Participants agree on a specific topic to discuss and debate. Each person is given equal right to participate, as illustrated by the idea of a circular layout referred to in the term round table.


Due to COVID-19, all in person events are temporarily on hiatus. Our events include:


Ringleaders Conference

Ringleaders Conference is an annual professional development and networking conference for women in Vancouver. We feature a panel of powerhouse professional women in Vancouver (The Ringleaders Panel) and create dialogue, learning and intimate networking opportunities. Our aim for the event is to promote ringleaders in every industry in Vancouver so that we can showcase and celebrate how women in Vancouver are living big and leading now. The conference includes light refreshments, networking activities and workshops in addition to the panel. 

Awards Gala

VMW Awards Gala is a night to celebrate Muslim Women in Vancouver. This red carpet evening entails a 3-course meal, mocktail bar and photo exhibition alongside an elegant award presentation, lively local entertainment and networking. Awards are given in 10 categories and nominations are accepted online.   

Thank you for your interest in joining Voices of Muslim Women. For further inquiries, please contact