VMW Women love to LEAD.

NOW is when Muslim women need to connect with each other to collectively raise the platform for all women and girls. The VMW Mentorship Program connects driven women with professional women into a 3 month one on one (minimum one hour per month) professional development and educational mentorship journey.

The program is open to all girls and women. VMW actively aims to encourage Muslim women to use our platforms to become visible role models for Muslim and non-Muslim girls in Vancouver and around the world. All mentors and mentees need to apply below to be accepted into the program and attend a mandatory training orientation, if accepted. Mentorship activities may include coffee, dinner, high tea, social and professional events, networking conferences, job shadowing and more.


It’s FREE to apply! Do It. You have nothing to lose, yet so much to gain. Seriously!


Mentors: Get ready to receive a whole lotta good karma your way. Give back to your local and global community, be part of the world-wide movement of women leading the way for girls to live their best lives. Best thing is, you can control how many hours you put in (min. 1-2 hours for three months), but, you’re making a difference right where you live -- no excuses, apply now! Note: You must be min. 25 years of age or older to be a mentor. 


Mentees: Are you ready to meet the girl boss of your dreams? Everyone can use a solid role model in their lives to help them get from dreaming to planning world domination and becoming that boss-lady! Our mentors are here to build caring connections with driven women to help them get started on the path to success. Note: You must be min. 14 years of age or older to be a mentee. 

If you have any questions about our Mentorship Program, please contact us via email at or call us at 778-846-5451.

Application Deadline: January 5th 2019

Mentorship Spring Dates: January 15th - April 15th 2019

How it works:

  1. Fill out the application for mentee or mentor 

  2. We review your application and contact you

  3. If you’re accepted as a mentee, we ask that you become a VMW member. If you’re a mentor, we’ll set you up with training to be a great mentor. 

  4. Matchmaking time. We set you up with your mentor/mentee match from heaven 

  5. You start your 3 month journey of mentorship magic.




1. How old do you have to be to be a mentee or mentor?

    You have to be minimum fourteen years old to be a Mentee  and minimum twenty-five years old to be a mentor. 

2. To be a mentor, do you need to have previous mentorship experience?

    No, we provide you with training on how to be an effective mentor. 

3. How can I ensure I don't waste my mentor's time?

    You have to be a proactive mentee who is willing to do research about your mentor, their industry, your industry, already taking

    steps to excel in your field and be proactive about reaching out to them to schedule your monthly check-ins/activities. 

4. How do I know if I'm ready or suited for a mentorship program?

    You're most likely excited about your future, already taking opportunities and seeking new opportunities to excel. You understand

    that you should be crisp, focused and gracious about your time with your mentor. You understand that your mentor is not a

    therapist (ie: listening to you complain every session); but rather a cheerleader who can help you problem solve problems that

    you've already taken the time to identify. 

5. Does applying to be a mentee or mentor guarantee that I'll be accepted into the program?

    No, we carefully evaluate applications and do a phone or in-person interview to ensure both mentees and mentors are ready for

    the program before accepting them into the program. 

6. When does the next mentorship cohort start?

    The next mentorship program cohort is now open. Applications for this cohort are open now.  Applications deadline is January 2nd. The cohort will start January 15 - April 15th!

7. What is the Mentorship Mingle?

    Mentorship Mingle is a formal reception where accepted mentees and mentors have either a social high tea or dinner together. 

    This is an opportunity for all mentors and mentees from that cohort to introduce themselves and network together.

8. Does it cost to apply to be a mentor or mentee?

     It is free to apply to become a VMW mentor or mentee, and applications are open to all eligible women and girls.  Once            accepted, participation is free for VMW members.  Mentors are eligible for a membership fee waiver, mentees including those under      age 19 are required to join VMW at the student level ($45).  [If the student membership fee is prohibitive, consideration will be given    based on individual circumstances.

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