Farizah Khairati | Human Resource Management Assistant

Farizah Khairati | Human Resource Management Assistant

Farizah is a full-time student who is completing her BBA in Human Resource Management. She is career-driven, and passionate to help others create a safe
environment. In addition, she is an inspired individual who loves to take adventures, create new memories, travel, and spend quality time with family and friends. Her aim in joining the VMW Executive Team is to motivate and empower future young females. Farizah's past courses have influenced her capabilities, knowledge, and skills that hold significant value in
reflecting who she is today.

She would like to share the three ladies who inspired and empowered her as a young woman:

  1. Nazreen Khairati – Her mom
  2. Fouziah Khairati – Her older sister
  3. Aisha Azba Amijee – Her leadership mentor, and Founder & Executive Director of VMW

Industry: Student 

City: Vancouver

Country: Canada

Instagram: @farizahkhairati13