8 Things You Need To Know About Social Worker Jasmeen Rahiman-Chaudhry


8 Things You Need To Know About Social Worker Jasmeen Rahiman-Chaudhry

1 Her Resume is Stacked

Jasmeen has been championing education in the social work fields for years. She holds a CYCC (Child And Youth Care Counsellor) Diploma with a Specialization in: Aboriginal Studies. In addition, Jasmeen has a  TESOL (Teaching english as a Second Language) Diploma and is a Certified Life Coach. She also completed her BSW (Bachelor of Social Work) with a Specialization in Disability Studies. Among other training: NALOXONE, Non Violence Crisis Intervention, Food Safe, First Aid are some of the social work training listed on her impressive resume. 


2 She Can Battle It Out To Grow

One of Jasmeen’s most memorable experiences in the classroom was witnessing disagreements between students. She expands,
“it was a battle of personal ethics and morals and it was great to see women being able to talk about them outloud, regardless of the outcome (sometimes yelling). I too was a part of this experience.” 


3 She’s Passionate About Having A Professional Voice

Jasmeen is absolutely passionate about what she studied in school and would not change a thing. If anything, she would not have taken a break between her double diplomas and her degree. Jasmeen explains, “In this day and age, in order to have a professional voice you need education (in most cases) and so by doing so, I have allowed myself to enter rooms of opportunity being a qualified professional. It also makes me more confident when speaking about things that pertain to my field of practice.”


4 Her Advice For Future Social Workers

Do it, but do it because it's your livelihood, your passion and your way of life. Working in social services in no joke and it can be very taxing on your personal life. Above all, do it for you.


5 Her Tip to Pick A School For Social Work?

In BC, we have several universities and educational institutes that offer Social Work programs. But how does one know which school to choose? Jasmeen recommends doing your research when it comes to picking a school. Be sure to understand that you should go to a school that is more fitting with your learning ability; not every good school is good for you.


6 Family Love = Priceless
When asked about her role models, Jasmeen responded, “My role models will always be my parents, immigrants that made the best they could for their families. A beautiful and most selfless act of love.


7 Her Inspiration

As more and more interviews and stories about women leaders arrive into the world, one thing that is consistent is the role of other women who inspire and mentor.  As a woman in the social work industry in BC, Jasmeen’s inspiration to live big is a woman named Ruth Haney.  Jasmeen explins, “Ruth was a supervisor of mine; but she was much more than that. Her ability to have balance in her role as well as keeping a calm front was a trate i found admirable. She was always readily available to assist anyone that needed it and her level of education and experience was a crucial part of that.”



Final Countdown Questions:


5 Items You Always Have In Your Purse:

Sanitizer, Make Up (To Touch Up), Pen, Id, Gum

4 Amazing Women You’ve Met Through University:

Artemis Fire (Professor In Aboriginal Specialization), Cassie (Classmate in BSW), Farnaz (Professor In BSW)  And Shiya (Classmate In BSW) (BSW = Bachelor of Social Work)

3 Words That Epitomize Education For You:

Growth, Optional, Opportunity

2 Words Your Friends Would Use To Describe You: 

 Passionate & Fashionista

1 Disney Princess You Would Be:

Princess Jasmine For Obvious Reasons

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