5 Things You Need to Know About VMW Member Nazia Hussain

5 Things You Need to Know About VMW Member Nazia Hussain


1 She became a counsellor through her previous experiences in social services
Nazia has a rich history of working in the social services field which led her
“to the conclusion that many of my clients needed more than a conversation
and social support; this created the desire to educate myself and become a

2 Nazia prides herself on the growth of her clients

When asked what moment in her career she is most proud of, Nazia gave an
insightful answer that encapsulates the importance of her occupation stating
eloquently that “it wouldn’t be one moment; I am proud of each moment
where I see growth in my clients.”

3 She loves events that empower other Muslim women
Her favourite event geared towards Muslim women is the VMW
Ringleaders Conference in 2019 at Hycroft Manor in Vancouver where Muslim women shared their skills and empowered each other. The speakers line up included Vancouver industry leaders like Aliza Vellani (acting/film), Shaina Azad (Entrepreneurship) and more. 

4 Counselling is her true calling!
When asked if Nazia wasn’t changing lives through counselling, what would
she be doing, she responded that “I am lucky to say that I cannot imagine
myself doing anything else… counselling is truly my calling.”

5 The three things Nazia believes are the key to women
leading is…
Nazia shared that she believes the key to women leading in the next five
years in Canada “is a strong sense of self-worth, sharing our skills, and
supporting each other.”

Rapid Fire Questions:
5 Items in your purse: Water, Lip Mask, Peppermint Gum, Pen + Paper, and a Snack.
4 Women you have met through your work/community: Nikhat Ali, Tasha Laurio, Farah Haq, Farzana Attaullah.
3 Words that epitomize women’s empowerment for you:
Self-love, determination, influencing.
2 Words your friends use to describe you:
Resilient and, empathetic.
1 Fairy-tale Princess, Historical or Modern-Day Queen or
Leader you admire:
Merida from Brave

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