5 Things You Need to Know About Mehmoona Ali

5 Things You Need to Know About Mehmoona Ali

BY Maleekah Ar-Rahiman 

1 Non-profits and advocacy work is her passion

Mehmoona (Moona) Ali had first worked at the non-profit MFB (Muslim Food Bank), where she continues to be a core member. This led to her assisting in brainstorming and
setting up Nisa Homes. She also became one of the first crisis call takers
for Nisa Helpline and continues to be on the Nisa Helpline team. She is also an active member of BCMA (British Columbia Muslim Association). 

2 Consistency is key for Mehmoona

Mehmoona has hit a huge milestone this year by having reached working 25
years at the same firm. The key to Mehmoona’s success was “being able to
successfully balance work life.”

3 Nisa Homes events are her favourite
When asked what has been her favourite program or event to help Muslim
Women, Mehmoona responded that “thus far [her favourite events] have been
the Nisa Helpline fundraiser with Linda Sarsour and [the] Nisa Homes “Bloom”

4 No matter where life takes her Mehmoona knows her
When asked what she would be doing if she wasn’t changing lives at Lehal
Law or BCMA, Mehmoona told us that she would “[continue on with]
volunteering at non-profits.” Showcasing her dedication and love of
advocacy in her long history of helping others.

5 Her best advice for Muslim women?

Know what you want in life and never stop trying to achieve that!

When asked what is the key to women leading in the next five years in BC? 
Mehmoona lets us know that this “big question” with “no small answer” can
be summed up in her advice as “[d]on’t do everything at once, pick a direction
and stay loyal to it, there is a time and place for everything. Define what it is
your actual want, and stay focused to that goal. Baby boomers like myself,
need to encourage and share their experiences with those coming after us,
and the Millenni[al]s need to take advantage of some of that advice and
experience and not just always wanting to re-invent the wheel – the wheel
may still work, but just needs a little air.”

Rapid Fire Questions 

5 Items in your purse:
Chapstick, cell phone, wallet, small water bottle, breath mints/gum.

4 Women you have met through your work/community:
Kamaljit Kaur Lehal, Tanweer Ibrahim, Linda Sarsour, Zahira Baji.

3 Words that epitomize women’s empowerment for you:
Motherhood, patience, understanding.

2 Words your friends use to describe you:
Planner & advisor.

1 Fairy-tale Princess, Historical or Modern-Day Queen or
Leader you admire:
Khadijah (R.A)

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